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Grocery shopping in Hong Kong

Posted 2 months, 3 days, 7 hours, 4 minutes ago

Food shopping works differently for us now that we're in Hong Kong and in a reasonably dense but not too dense area of HK Island (we started out living in two areas both of which featured one large supermarket). We still have smaller (and more) local supermarkets, but also a nice network of small shops. For example:  A grocery run for today:

  1. Peanut seller (un-roasted)
  2. Almond and cashew nut seller (shop #1 didn't have them)
  3. Coconut bread (local HK bakery)
  4. Tofu seller (hard tofu)
  5. Wet market (spinach for dinner)
  6. Fishmonger (prepared food area: steamed black bean fish with side of sesame ribs for dinner)*
  7. Dim sum take-out (shrimp dumplings and spring rolls for lunch)

* Typically we get a fish and cook it at home, but we declared a lazy Saturday

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