David Ross design+

My site’s domain name is a relic from a long career as a graphic designer in the US. My current status is freelance back-end developer and virtual IT tech based in Hong Kong. Specifically, I work in updating, troubleshooting, and enhancing content management systems for small businesses and non-profits.

Today, WordPress and ExpressionEngine are the content management systems (CMS) I recommend because clients are most accustomed to them or can easily adapt to their UI. ExpressionEngine is more flexible and less reliant on third-party plug-ins, so it’s more secure and stable, but both must be updated just like any computer operating system or software. I also code and maintain sites that are smaller using basic HTML and CSS. The latter is best to remove maintenance/security concerns, but is not as easy for clients to use that method to add new content as a site using a CMS.

Contact me for any additional information and my availability.