David Ross design+

My site’s domain name is a relic from a long career as a graphic designer in the US. My current status is freelance back-end developer and virtual IT tech based in Hong Kong. Specifically, I work in updating, troubleshooting, and enhancing content management systems for small businesses and non-profits.

My clients have run the gamut from public hospital charitable trusts to manufacturers, media consultants, banks, recruiting companies, hedge funds, economic development agencies, architectual firms, online communities, individual sole proprietors, and others.

WordPress and ExpressionEngine are the content management systems (CMS) I recommend and find clients are most accustomed to. ExpressionEngine is more flexible and less reliant on third-party plug-ins, so it’s more secure and stable, but both must be updated just like any computer operating system or software. To avoid even that worry, I also code and maintain sites that are smaller by hand using basic HTML and CSS, which is as close to a “set and forget” type configuration you can find apart from not having an online presense.

Contact me for any additional information and my availability.